Sonic Value Menu- Chicken Sandwich

Gratuitous shot of the day:Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

If you plan on a cheap value meal, try SONIC’s Chicken Sandwich. The regular burger is OK, but the Chicken Sandwich is bigger in comparison.

Whenever I’m on an errand run with family, it usually takes the whole morning, leaving my mom with no time to cook lunch. Then comes the inevitable, “Want to eat at Burger King?” At the beginning, me and my sister would always look at each other in agreement. But after eating Jr. Whoppers for awhile, you start to pine for something different.

Located conveniently near our Burger King was a Sonic, so we decided to go for a change. We never eat at Sonic!

Straight to the value meal choices…oooh, more variety than just a Jr. Whopper.

We get home–I take my hamburger. Then I see my sister and her chicken sandwich. It looks much bigger–2 chicken strip lumps with lettuce tossed inside. Mine is a thin patty unworthy of a photo. The plumper and juicier, the better.

I also tried the Jr. Breakfast Burrito on another occasion. Small, but hey, it’s $1. I smothered mine with Picante Pace sauce, and it was sooo much better. How can you go wrong with eggs and sausage? (But the best fast-food breakfast burrito is still Whataburger.)

Note: This pic is of my sister’s meal…I had a bite of it, though.


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