LJS Baja Fish Taco


It’s late and I’m up studying for two horrible exams…far from the “time for a break” point, hunger strikes.

I would have really liked to cook something for myself, but that was not an option at the time. No food, no time, no can do. Instead, I had to visualize the street with all the neon signs that were probably abuzz with nightowls. I narrowed it down to KFC, Popeyes, and Long John Silver’s (LJS…*or Long Johnson lol). What pulled me to LJS? I wanted corn on the cob (also a pull factor to KFC/Popeyes) , plus I hadn’t eaten seafood in FOREVER!

When I got there with my bf, the first sign that caught my eye advertised the Dollar Stretcher items. There were items under $2 as well as the Jr. Fish Sandwich and the Baja Fish Taco for 99 cents each.


The first go: 1 Baja Fish Taco + 1 ear of corn. The corn was small–I wouldn’t call that an ear but half an ear at most. I was pleasantly surprised by the fish taco. It was the regular fried fish in a tortilla with crunchy lettuce and a creamy yellow sauce. Loved the crispy texture of the fish and the sauce was what set it apart from other fish tacos. The second go: 4 battered shrimp on the stretcher menu, just under $2. The outside of the shrimp was buttery and though I’m used to butterfly shrimp, the LJS version is OK. Very delicious, but I don’t like to think back on what it cost for only four. I was satisfied because it was a supplement to my taco and corn, but doesn’t work for a stand-alone meal.

I will go back for more fish tacos. I’m so glad there’s a new dollar-menu item to compete with the plethora of Jr. burgers out there because I’m not always in the mood for beef, but I’m always in the mood for cheap eats.

Long John Silvers has a good thing going with this affordable and tasty taco.


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