Unhealthy Doctors and Nutritionists

I’m majoring in Nutrition, but I don’t always eat healthy food. I do feel bad, but most of the time I choose the unhealthy option because it’s cheaper or there is no better option. Yes, I can bring a packed lunch, but college students on the go rarely have time or the memory (at least that’s true for me). See? It’s late right now, but this is my free time. I’ll wake up rushed tomorrow for those detested 8am classes (how I hate thou) and might have a few seconds to grab a string cheese (that’s all I have, anyway).

But it’s not just me. I was volunteering with other Nutrition students  (as a part of a Nutrition organization at school) and was on the way to a food bank. We made a food stop at—Sonic!? Ok, I calmed down after a bit. There might be some grilled chicken choices. Then I witnessed the scariest thing: they were ordering corndogs, fries, onion rings, you name it. Not trying to judge, because I’ve done it too. I was scared because I can’t explain that phenomenon.

I was and am always bewildered about doctors who smoke or drink because it’s a known fact that those things are detrimental to health and pose health risks. Why are you doing that to yourself, Doc?? You learned about that in school (hopefully)! Didn’t you go to med school? I know for sure you must’ve learned that in elementary, though…

While I think food is a little different, it’s a similar concept. It’s tempting to get decadent chocolate cake with a rich ganache, but you know that it’s full of calories and fat. 😦 The thing is, you can’t restrict foods from the diet or else it might bring about a feeling of deprivation. Allowing a bite or a small portion is alright (remember moderation). Just no sneaking extras, which is really hard to do when there’s no one guarding the fridge. I might really be craving ice cream or cookies, but I don’t like to buy that stuff in bulk because then I’ll go back for more.

So, if I think Doctors should avoid bad things like smoking and drinking, am I being a hypocrite when I say that Nutritionists eating bad things like fried food and fatty desserts can do it?  Well, as I mentioned above, the key word is moderation. Obesity can be caused by eating way too much and not excercising (the calories build and are never burned). So eating one fry isn’t the end.

Fast-food is convenient for people that are on the go and is cheap too. For those that can’t afford to spend large sums at Whole Foods for groceries or healthier fare for lunch/dinner, cheap $1 menu items have been a relief (that’s a sad thing). It’s hard to access healthy foods when it’s too expensive for your budget. On the contrary, smoking and booze costs $$$! And prices for cigarettes have gone up and still people buy. Can you fight addiction and stop buying these things? It must be hard, but it deterioriates your health and bank account. Drugs and alcohol are more costly (as they should be) than healthy people who can live a clean life. But fast-food is cheaper than healthy food and may be the only alternative at times [feel the need to expand on that in the future]. Well, as I mentioned above, the key word is moderation. Obesity can be caused by eating way too much and not excercising (the calories build and are never burned). So eating one fry isn’t the end.

I still think that the Nutrition students I watched eat lunch (I didn’t partake in the fried-food craze) didnt have to go overboard with all that food.

And I’m still not sure why people that work or plan to work in a certain field can not uphold the values they preach, such as doctors.

Why? Any theories?


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