Natalie Portman has more privileges than other vegetarians?

Natalie Portman was a guest on “Top Chef,” Episode 10: Meat Natalie.

The chefs visit Judge/Chef Tom Colicchio’s restaurant, Craftsteak, in Las Vegas. The name of Tom’s restaurant is clear–it’s a place you go for some good steak and meaty dishes. Then comes the twist. They must cater to Natalie Portman’s vegetarian diet. So the chefs must throw out their menu ideas and start from scratch.

Portman said that the chefs should be able to deal with the twist, noting that chefs at restaurants have no problem creating vegetarian meals just for her (when it’s not even on the menu). Did anyone else who watched the show catch that? If I were a vegetarian, I’d be really annoyed that she can ask for items that are not on the menu. Regular people don’t get that freedom–they must choose from the vegetarian options offered, nothing more. Imagine going to BBQ place and say, “Hey, I came in here knowing there’s no vegetarian dish…but if you’re supposed to be a good chef, I know you can pull it off.” What would the chef think?

I know celebrities are treated differently, but why take advantage like that? Just go to a vegetarian restaurant or get yourself a private chef.

Do you think people should ask for items that are not offered on the menu? (I’m not talking about asking to exclude something like the meat or mayonnaise.)


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