Weird Cake

I witnessed a  crime…the blood is everywhere!

I thought this was funny! The don’t know the story behind it though because the blog I found it at was in another language. Wait! I forgot I could get a rough translation through Google. Whenever you need a site translated, just go to Google and paste the site’s URL into the search box. It shows up as a result and next to the title, there is a link that says “Translate this page.” Click that. So if you ever need (or want) to view a page that’s not in English, use Google translate–which also translates text and documents in addition to webpages. Hope that helped someone. 🙂 Anyway, seems like the poster made this cake to fit an “accidents” theme and was feeling artistic.

I will soon venture out to look for some cool & weird cakes! Maybe when I start the break!


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