Moo Moo’s Mini Burgers

Where do you find a menu that consists entirely of mini burgers? Moo Moo’s, that’s where. This farm-themed eatery  in Austin, TX, sells mini burgers along with some of the tastiest fries and milkshakes. Each order comes with two mini burgers, which is a satisfactory meal. The veggie burger, not originally on the menu, appeared after popular demand. It’s a portabella mushroom with the fixings, and is great for vegetarians and non-vegetarians (like me) alike. When I discovered the trailer, I didn’t have any burgers but did try a shake, which is made with Amy’s Ice Cream. I was lucky enough to have the first Chocolate & Banana milkshake, which hopefully gets into their regular menu.

The owners, Mark Avalos and Robert Valero, are not new to the meat business. They also have a restaurant downtown, Texas Picnic. Though I’ve never been there, I can say that the BBQ wraps I tried from their off-site trailer had just the amount of smokiness. I had a pulled porked wrap slathered with sauce and coleslaw. It’s a definite must-try.

Avalos and Valero were eager to open up a new place, which stood next to a bus stop but now is currently relocating. The mini burger trailer is a unique idea and it’s revamp is to be anticipated in 2010.

And if you didn’t catch it in the video, the owners adequately describe their burgers as juicy, moist and delicious.

UPDATE: Moo Moo’s has relocated to the corner of Jack & Adam’s Bicycle Shop and Barton Springs. Check out the new look!

**SMAG wants to know: What did you like better, their burgers or fries? Are you waiting for Moo Moo’s new location to open up? How many mini burgers do you think you can eat in one sitting?


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