Stick or Treat combo

Stick or Treat combo, originally uploaded by hungry neko.

Stick or Treat, in Dobie Mall, has a Filipino flair. The menu offers chicken & beef sticks as well as a tofu sticks, burgers, paninis, and more. Sides include two enemies: veggies and fries.

I got a combo for lunch, which includes two sticks of your choice and a side. On my plate: Beef and Tofu sticks with a side of vegetables. The price escapes me at the moment (I know I have a receipt somewhere, but I’ll never find it). I’ll write it down when I eat there again. Anyway, the beef stick was delicious on its own, but the spicy Thai sauce and teriyaki sauce were a great compliment. I don’t recommend the tofu stick, which has optimum taste borrowed from a dip in the teriyaki sauce. Veggies are always my choice side (I never get enough in my regular meals). Broccoli and friends were a bit soggy, which isn’t consistent with my earlier visits. Nothing a little sauce can’t fix.

What makes this eatery stand out from the others in the food court is its inventive menu. I can’t get a Grape Shake at a regular soda machine or a Lamb Burger at a regular fast food joint. And I haven’t seen anything like Stick or Treat’s signature Stick anywhere. It’s a good alternative to regular burgers or pizza slices.


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