Coco’s Cafe: Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice with Pork, originally uploaded by hungry neko.

This dish has a funny story behind it.

I didn’t want to eat it, the yarn was unappetizing…

The rope on top of the rice was pretty scary, but my friend kept telling me it was meat. Imagine that! It looked stringy and rough, exactly like yarn that has hairs sticking out all over the place.

I wasn’t about to eat only rice for lunch, so I took a tiny piece of the “yarn” and closed my eyes. This better be pork. It was soft in my mouth and seemed to dissolve quickly. Mmmm, this porky yarn is tasty. New to me, but I’m not scared of it anymore. I need to order it for my sister and see her reaction!!

I started wishing there were more porky strings, because I didn’t take kindly to the sticky moat around the huge tower of rice. I’ll definitely look for other dishes that feature the delicious pork floss!


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