Happy Plate: Iced Mocha BK Joe

BY Smez

In need of a cheap coffee fix? Try this grown-up version of chocolate milk, with a twist.

Learn more about this amazing coffee after the jump!

I have enjoyed this drink many times before the holidays and, after all celebrations ceased, it sort of drifted from my mind…until yesterday. Me and a SMAG snacker took a little side trip to BK for a late night drink and got in the mood for a Mocha Joe. I hadn’t had one in ages, and it barely hit me. It might not be on the menu anymore! I took a cursory glance at the giant menu but didn’t spot it, so we just went ahead and ordered one at the drive thru for $1.99. Wow–who needs to go to Starbucks anymore?

In the car, I heard the ice clang and the aroma of the chocolate/coffee combo was heavenly. The first sip was powerful. BK combines coffee with chocolate syrup to create the ultimate iced coffee. It’s not thick like a milkshake or frappuccino–it flows like regular coffee. It’s amazing taste is a cross between creamy Nesquik chocolate milk and coffee with a strong (and sweet) punch.

A cup of this joe comes with a lot of ice, but how else will it get cold? I’m glad the drink has ice cubes rather than shaved ice, as it doesn’t come through the straw. The Mocha Joe may seem like a skinny cup, but believe me, sharing with one other person prevents a coffee overload.

BK wins this round against McD’s Vanilla Iced Coffee, hands down. The Mocha Joe is a must-try drink and highly recommended for iced coffee lovers.

**SMAG wants to know: Where do you prefer to get your coffee from? Choice coffee: Iced or Hot? Who has the best priced coffee?


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