Tech: Apple’s 2010 Release

BY Oscar, Tech Trends reporter

Rumors of the iSlate have been ongoing after surfacing seven years ago, and many believe (no, claim) that Apple will be revealing one of these tablets as their latest creation this Wednesday.

So what will their latest creation be? View my predictions after the jump.

My predictions:

  • iPhone software update with unimaginable improvements in speed (and who knows what else)
  • Addition to the iTunes store (textbooks?)

What it won’t be:

  • A tablet

My reasoning:

A tablet doesn’t make sense for Apple… it’s not their style. They won’t make anything with a stylus. I think they learned from their mistake: the “Newton.” The only reason that everyone is talking about it is probably because people want to believe it so bad. As for my predictions, I think it’s something no one expects. Apple is full of surprises. A software update is possible (so maybe not), but the new features that are included would have to be phenomenal. And there hasn’t been a software update in awhile–are we getting one? While I did mention it, I kind of doubt that textbooks in the iTunes store. I’m just throwing out ideas here. Selling textbooks would be similar to the eBooks sold there, but it would only be aimed at students. So maybe that won’t work. There could also be a new iPhone, but again, that’s too predictable.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out about Apple’s new product/creation/whatever you want to call it. Until then, I’ll keep guessing.

Here’s a a funny scenario courtesy of comics: What if Apple Doesn’t Release a Tablet!

UPDATE: Looks like they are coming out with the tablet after all. Watch McGraw-Hill’s CEO ruin Apple’s reveal, just click here.

**SMAG wants to know: What do you think Apple is coming out with? How much do you think it’ll cost? Do you believe the rumors of a Mac tablet? Are you planning on buying whatever new thing Apple has in store for us?


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