Tech: Apple iPad revealed

Apple enthusiasts received a late Christmas present earlier today when Apple unveiled the long awaited mobile tablet, the “iPad.”

Learn the price and more after the jump.

Though rumors about the device have been making the rounds as early as 2003, Apple’s new multi-touch invention didn’t emerge until 10:00 am PST when Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage and announced the new must-have device. The iPad (priced at $499 for a 16GB model) is set to ship by March, with 3G versions not arriving until April. As of now, AT&T will be the only provider of 3G service for the iPad.

Oscar, Tech Trends reporter

To learn more about the iPad, watch this video!

Watch the hour-and-a-half keynote presentation from this morning here.

**SMAG wants to know: Would you consider buying the iPad? Is it better or worse than a laptop? Does this mean Apple won’t be releasing a new version of the iPhone? Do you like the name “iPad?”


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