Music Alert: A Glimpse at Murder

A Glimpse at Murder, a heavy metal band based in Pasadena, Texas, has three upcoming shows including their Feb. 13 show, where they’ll participate in the Battle of the Bands.

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This band uses a mix of brutal and hardcore breakdowns. Screams and crushing metal riffs combine to form their sound. AGAM currently has five songs, but there are more in the making. The band consists of members Marvin (vocals), Pedro (guitar), Chris (drums), Leo (bass) and Adan (keys), ages 16 and 17, who go to Sam Rayburn High School (except for one–Chris goes to Houston Can! Academy).

Head out to Wired Live, support AGAM and enjoy the big battle!

–Jennifer, Music reporter

Type of music:

Death metal, hardcore, crunk


Born of Osiris, The Black Dahlia Murder, The World We Knew, Suicide Silence, Bring me the Horizon

Upcoming shows:

*Feb. 13 — Battle of the Bands @ Wired Live (formerly The Meridian)

Feb. 19 — @ The Pitt

March 6 — @ The Pitt


Wired Live                                      The Pitt

1503 Chartres                                     109 Spooner

Houston, TX 77003                          Pasadena, TX 77502

Catch A Glimpse at Murder + listen to one of their songs here!

Logo credit: Julio Irving Nava