Lifestyle: I <3 Japan

Of all the cultures in the world, why do I like Japan so much?

Pikachu says, read on after the jump!

I’m still not sure why exactly, but hearing and reading Japanese media made me interested in learning the language–it seemed to be an exciting challenge! That, and the fact that Japan and I share an obsession with cute things, motivated me to learn more about this fascinating country.

I would like to share all the interesting facets of the culture and language. I’m no expert, but my opportunities aligned to explore this interest more actively. I’ve seen and done quite a bit of things during my two trips to Japan so far…perhaps I’ll get a chance to visit again!

So, I can start off by explaining those mysterious Japanese characters! There are three kinds of Japanese script: hiragana, katakana, and kanji (Chinese characters used). Roman letters are known as romaji and they are sometimes used alongside Japanese characters. While in Japan, I saw these characters used in combination, so that’s why some phrases look like they’re made up of both simple and complicated writing.

Here are a couple of introductory Japanese phrases:

In hiragana… It means…

Hajimemashite!            はじめまして!                            How do you do?

Dōzo yoroshiku.            どうぞ よろしく                        Pleased to meet you.

–Marilyn, Lifestyle writer

**SMAG wants to know: Have you ever gone or wanted to go to Japan? What one thing would you want to learn about Japan? Do you have a favorite anime character? Pika-pika-chuuu!


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