Music: Billy Talent releases ‘Saint Veronika’ video

Billy Talent, a Canadian punk rock band, has just premiered their music video for Saint Veronika on myspace. Very exciting for Billy Talent fans!

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Watch the myspace music video for “Saint Veronika” by Billy Talent here!

Fans who listened to the song before there was ever a video enjoyed this “animated music video” created by an Ultimate BT fan! Pretty cool!

To listen to the song without seeing a video or performance, click here. (I like listening first, then viewing. Just like I’d read a book before watching the movie.)

Need more “Saint Veronika?” Click here to view a live performance! Warning: sound quality is not ideal because of all the crowd noise.


There are few music videos of Billy Talent’s songs, so I will really try to savor this one.

For those who aren’t familiar with Billy Talent, I hope you discover in them real energy and talent!

Get excited!


**SMAG wants to know: What do you think about the video? What’s your favorite Billy Talent song? When did you discover Billy Talent?

Photo credit: Dustin Rabin Photography (official BT photographer) via The Official Community of