Music Alert: Take a Right on Tulsa

Take a Right on Tulsa is a progressive, death metal band originating in Houston, Texas. Read more…Members consist of Tyler (vocals), Miguel (guitar), Pablo (guitar), Jorge (bass), and Justin (drums). This quintet of 17-19 year olds first emerged into the public in October 2009, where the band unveiled their demo album. Their heavy metal sound is a fusion of destructive guitars, raging vocals, and scourging drum rhythms that will inevitably blow your mind. TAROT has already shared the stage with premier bands such as Winds Of Plague, Stick To Your Guns, and Before There Was Rosalyn. Past concerts include the Texas Metal Fest and Battle of the Bands at Wired Live. With their EP album underway, Take A Right On Tulsa are on a trek to dominate throughout the Houston metal scene.

–Jennifer, Music reporter

Type of music:

Heavy metal


Veil of Maya + The Black Dahlia Murder

Upcoming show:

Feb. 20 @ Wired Live w/ The Red Chord & My Children My Bride


Wired Live

1503 Chartres

Houston, TX 77003

Listen to TAROT’s music on myspace, just click here!


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