Food: National Pancake Day

Celebrate Pancake Day on Tuesday, Feb. 23 with eager IHOP crowds or a friendly pancake-making crew. Read more.
IHOP is offering a FREE short stack on Feb. 23 as part of Pancake Day, but keep in mind, you might end up ordering more! I went to Pancake Day last year and it was packed! By the time me and my eating mates got a booth, they decided that they wanted a real meal. I stuck with my original plan to eat a short stack, which consists of 3 pancakes.

IHOP will also be accepting donations for Children’s Miracle Network. Click here to visit IHOP’s site to view their Free Pancake Day Details.

If you’d rather avoid large crowds or if you’re just plain hungry, then perhaps IHOP isn’t for you. Throw your own pancake party (it’s not free, but can be cheap).

Basic Shopping List for a Pancake Party:

  • Pancake mix/frozen pancakes/pancake recipe (and ingredients specified)
  • Toppings (syrup, chocolate sauce, nuts, fruit, whipped cream)
  • Milk (or other beverage of choice)
  • Plates and utensils

For pancake recipe ideas, click here or Google it.

Don’t have a kitchen stove? Set up a table with a griddle and arrange all ingredients within reach. If you’re feeling really creative, come up with a theme for the party and work from there. Decorate all you want and really try to get guests in the mood to celebrate!


Photo credit: D. Sharon Pruitt


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