Cookies and Milk at Whataburger

Cookies and milk at Whataburger? Yum!

Whataburger is now serving up 99 cent Chocolate Chunk and Sugar cookies.

They have regular (white) and chocolate milk. The bottle is kind of small, but it looks neat. Reminds me of the old, glass milk bottle used back in the day, when you got milk delivered to your doorstep.

I was excited to try the new products. I never tried the cookies from McDonald’s, so I’m not sure how they match up. But let’s talk about the cookie itself. I shared a sugar cookie and a chocolate chunk cookie with a SMAG munchkin–we got half of each. I think the sugar cookie was slightly larger. The cookies were very soft, which I wasn’t prepared for but was pleasantly surprised. I sipped some milk in between each bite to make my little cookie snack last. The 1% milk is tasty– the chocolate flavor is not too strong, yet more pronounced than that of Nesquik 2% milk (the ones that come in individual bottles).

Each cookie is individually packaged and includes the nutrition info. The sugar cookie has 210 calories with 80 calories from fat, and the chocolate chuck contains 230 calories with 100 of those calories from fat.

The free milk offer is limited to one per person at participating locations. Limit 4 per order.

EDIT: Article intro has changed because Whataburger’s offer of a free milk with the purchase of cookie has ended. Their free milk offer ran from March 30-31, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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