Internet sites join the April Fool’s Day fun

Did you get pranked today? Check out some of the Web sites that really showed their sense of humor on April 1.

On, vistors were directed to an official-looking page stating the site is under investigation for “harboring un-American sentiment” One click would take you through to the actual site.

Cuteoverload changed their banner to “nuff overload” surrounded by images alluding to the Rickroll, an Internet meme.  The site also featured a story about the Cute Overload SchnozzleTalk, an iPad app that allows users to have the screen pick up their voice to use a cute image as a “mask” as well as a cute animal video, “kitty in the sink.”

Google was ready with a variety of jokes. Google’s search header was changed to “Topeaka.”

Gmail displayed the homepage as a vowel-less page due to a vowel outage.

Googledocs announced that anything could now be stored…including pianos! “Upload it from your home in New York, then download it once you’re in California. … With one click you can have your piano delivered to anyone you choose, anywhere in the world.”

Over on youtube, a new text-only mode (or TEXTp) mode was introduced. Videos images were replaced with letters and numbers, resulting in a slightly eye-straining experience.

Overall, my favorite this year is’s special product announcements. Click on “see this year’s 4/1 products” to find some funny products (not actually for sale, but let them know if you want them for real). While the site does have several delightfully odd products, the April Fool’s Day products were a little out there. They include the Tell Me Your Secrets Bear, Screaming Chef’s Knife, Canned Unicorn Meat, and the iCade, an iPad Arcade Cabinet. I have a feeling many would buy My First Bacon based on the description alone: “What child on this planet wouldn’t want to befriend a piece of mostly meat held together with fat and love? And don’t just think about the kids, adults enjoy My First Bacon just as much as the kids do. Sometimes a little too much.” There’s also a My First Bacon video.

–Marilyn, SMAG Staff

**SMAG wants to know: Did you play any April Fool’s jokes? Were you a prank victim? What was the funniest joke played online?

Photo credit: Hersfold


3 responses to “Internet sites join the April Fool’s Day fun

  1. I was fooled twice and by Google. They said they had a new search query that could tell you your location by simply typing “where am I” on So I did and it said I was in ‘Hyperspace bypass’ with a link to the wiki page of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

    Then Google posted on their twitter page ( about a new app that translate animal speak to whatever language you wanted.

    Yea, they got me twice!

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