Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is only a few days away… do you have a gift yet?

Updated 5/9

Show your appreciation to all she has done for you with a special present or some recognition. It might be hard to pick something out if you’re looking for the perfect present, but just remember, mom will love it whatever the gift because it’s coming from you.

Here are some gift ideas, both classic and modern, to consider:

  1. Flowers are a nice present that would be a great decoration in the house. Think roses, daises, [insert you’re mom’s favorite flower here], etc.
  2. Fancy/nice restaurant. Take your mom out to to a nice restaurant and give her a break from cooking on her special day. Dessert anyone?
  3. Apple iPod touch. Help your mom get organized. There is a special at Target when you can get a $20 gift card with a purchase of an iPod.
  4. Purse. This is a good accessory your mom can add to her collection when out doing her errands.
  5. Perfume. This would be perfect for her to use when she’s out on the town on a dinner date with your dad.
  6. Chocolate. If your mom has a sweet tooth like mine she will enjoy getting this delicious treat.
  7. Hand-made gift.  Use your skill to write her a song, write her a poem, or cook lunch for her.

Also, a freebie to note is Denny’s free Pancake Puppies Sundae, with a coupon, from 5/9 – 5/16. Access the coupon through Facebook here. Click on the Card Maker tab, create the card, and when you’re finished, you can download the card, download the coupon, and/or send the card to your Mom on Facebook (if she even has one!).

Find more great deals and freebies for moms here. (couponing101) The best of these include offers from TCBY, Coldstone Creamery, Outback Steakhouse, and Pei Wei.

Remember, Mother’s Day is May 9th!

–Diana, SMAG Staff

**SMAG wants to know: Do you have more gift ideas? What’s the best present you ever gave to your mom or other relative? What are you planning this Mother’s Day?
UPDATE : included details for the freebie

3 responses to “Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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    • Thanks! I was just looking thru the Target ad and thought this would be a nice present. The rule I go by is that if it is something that you would want to get for yourself then it would be a nice present for someone else.

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