How to make the most of your summer

The beginning of summer vacation is liberating. No schedule, no homework, it doesn’t  matter if you sleep-in, etc. But many teens find themselves a bit bored after a few aimless days. Check out these three tips to help you take advantage of the summer break!

1. Set a goal. What if you realize that you’ve wasted the whole summer watching TV? It may be a well-earned treat, but you’ll feel a lot better after the break if you can look back and say that you’ve actually done something worthwhile with your time. If it helps, record your progress in a journal.


-One goal for the summer is to: have a clean room, sew your first dress, learn some Japanese.

-Your weekly goal is to: read one book, exercise 3 days of the week, plan a weekend outing for your family.

-Your daily goal is to: cook a good breakfast, wake up by 9 a.m., write a poem.

2. Keep a calendar at hand. School’s out, which means you may not have a need to know what day it is. Before the days start blurring together, grab any calendar (those found on a phone also count) and use it for planning fun events and keeping track of your goals. You can also observe those unique/crazy holidays, just look them up here. In fact, June is the American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Cat Month. Among other holidays are National Accordion Awareness Month and National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month.

3. Get others involved. Decide on something you and your friends/family have always wanted to do, plan it out, and make it happen. Take lots of photos and videos! Also, share a goal with a friend or family member and go to that person for encouragement. Don’t forget to cheer them on as they work to complete their own goal.


Photo credit: jurvetson


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