10 unofficial concert rules

First time at a concert? Here a few “rules” that, though not set in stone, many avid concert-goers agree on. These are not any particular order.

#1. Don’t wear the band’s T-shirt.

Concert-goers instinctively opt to wear different band’s T-shirt. Why? Variety. But you might see the occasional super fan fully clad in a band’s merch. It does make sense if you’ve just bought a new shirt or other accessories. But by all means, wear what you want and have fun.

(The T-shirt rule doesn’t apply to events like Warped, where there are a bunch of different bands.)

#2. Don’t panic if people are shoving.

Fans get in a frenzy at concerts, when their only feet away from the real band. Some people shoving you from behind or the sides can’t help it because they’re being shoved by someone else. Try to get a stand near a stable object (like the rails, a wall, or the speakers) and hold your ground. At any concert, prepare to be elbowed, squished, and kicked.

#3. When people crowd surf, don’t duck.

If you’ve ever witnessed crowd surfers firsthand, you’ll know that security guards encourage you to help them surf along. Why? They’ll fall, and you don’t need even more chaos! If someone does fall, be sure to help them up.

#4. Don’t bring anything valuable.

You never know when you’ll want to mosh or crowd surf, so it’s better to leave your nonessential things at home. It’ll give you peace of mind.

#5. Wear proper shoes (no flip flops).

Avoid flip flops unless your OK with getting you’re feet get stomped on. Go for the closed toe shoe. Also, leave loose shoes at home or else they’ll go flying off, never to be found again. And make sure your shoes are tied. It gets crazy at concerts, so if you trip, hopefully you don’t encounter a trampling bunch.

#6. Don’t move out of your spot.

Don’t expect to get your spot in the crowd back once you leave. If you see someone leaving, it’s very unlikely that the spot stays open–the first person to rush in will win the upgrade.

#7. Stay hydrated.

Especially important if you’re outside. For me, it’ll be harder to try to not drink too much. I’d hate to go to the bathroom during my favorite song or when a drum stick is thrown my way from the stage, or  anything at all, in fact. Plus, it’ll be difficult getting back into the crowd.

#8. Be courteous.

If there are tall people blocking your view, ask nicely if they would mind to trade spots because you can’t see at all. It worked when I did this. I guess you should also hope for a someone nice to be in front of you. They’d be less likely to help you out if you’re complaining out loud about how some obnoxious guys were in your way the whole time.

And since you’ll be packed in a crowd, remember to wear deodorant. Nobody wants to suffer  a whole concert with a stinky neighbor.

#9. Bring cash.

Keep cash on hand for band merch as well as water, snacks, and food. Make sure it’s in a safe place where it’s unlikely to fall out. Why buy? Sometimes you’ll find cheaper prices for CDs, shirts, etc. at concerts. Plus, you’ll have a memory of the concert and might be able to get the shirt signed.

#10. Communicate via text.

If you’re with a group, you can use your phone to get back in touch after being separated. Texts are the best way to communicate as it’ll probably be too noisy to have a conversation. If you need to make a call, head to the bathroom to block some of the sound.

*BONUS Warped Tour tips:

-Make sure to drink lots of water the day before Warped to keep you hydrated.

-Bring a backpack to keep paper/sharpie for autographs, money, stuff you buy, a phone, and anything else you just had to bring.

-Don’t drink alcohol because it’ll get you more dehydrated.

-If you bring a camera, charge your camera battery and have extra memory cards. You don’t want to regret missing a photo op with your favorite band! Remember, no professional cameras are allowed in unless you have a pass.

-Smez, Editor

**SMAG wants to know: Do you have any rules or tips that we’ve missed? What was your best/worst concert experience? Are you going to see any bands soon and where?

Photo credit: Dann Stayskal


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