NeverShoutNever’s What is Love?

Indie pop/rock artist Christofer Drew, known as NeverShoutNever, is currently on the Vans Warped Tour. The new release resembles past albums’ concept of love and peace.

What is Love?, his latest album released in January 2010, is full of songs that symbolize different types and meanings of love. He tells the story of change in the world, with the need of love. Some greats songs are “What is Love?,” which has over two million plays on Myspace, and “Love is Our Weapon,” which has over a million plays.

Christofer Drew is an artist with a corky personality and hippie-ish style. The combination of his voice and guitar is captivating. His popularity (and downloads) first rose after posting songs to Myspace. In the past, he has been featured on TRL, toured with Forever the Sickest Kids and The Cab, and performed during the Bamboozle tour in 2009.

If you haven’t heard of NeverShoutNever!, take a listen here. Who knows…he might become one of your favorite music artists.

–Britany, guest contributor

Photo credit: Tyler Sanford


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