Photos: Suicide Silence in Houston

This year, after two successful and popular album releases in 2007 and 2009 (The Cleansing, No Time To Bleed), American grindcore metal band Suicide Silence performed on Warped Tour all summer long. Arising from Riverside, Calif., vocalist Mitch Lucker, guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun, bassist Dan Kenny, and drummer Alex Lopez have toured worldwide and know what it takes to put on a live show complete with never-ending onslaught.
Warped Tour in Houston, Texas, got really wild once Suicide Silence hit the stage. Crazy circle pits formed during the opening song, “Wake Up,” the second song, “Lifted,“ and pretty much every song on the set. “Unanswered,” known for its aggressive vocals, was definitely great to hear live! So was their closing song, “No Pity for a Coward.” With Suicide Silence, there was no shortage of heavy beat downs for crowd surfers.

Vocalist Mitch Lucker can’t find the rest of his band…they’re about to perform! Actually, we have no clue what he’s shrugging about, but he looks excited.

Guitarist Mark Heylmun and bassist Dan Kenny know how to bring a live show to their metal fans at Warped Tour.

Suicide Silence fans in Houston, Texas, withstand the rain during Warped Tour.
Mark Heylmun is enjoying the moment as the band performs “Lifted.”
Suicide Silence setlist for 2010 Houston Warped Tour:
(1) Wake Up, (2) Lifted, (3) Smoke, (4) Unanswered, (5) No Pity for a Coward.

–By Jennifer & Smez

Photo credit: Stephanie Meza


The full series of Warped Tour 2010 band coverage includes PTV, Suicide Silence, OM&M and Emarosa.


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