Interview with Of Mice and Men

Shayley Bourget and Jerry Roushe from Of Mice and Men

We caught up with Jerry Roush and Shayley Bourget from Of Mice and Men, who are now wrapping up their first time on Warped Tour.

Hardcore screamo band Of Mice and Men, of Costa Mesa, Calif., was formed in 2009 by former Attack Attack! frontman Austin Carlile and Jaxin Hall, OM&M bassist.

After a conflict, members of the band decided to part ways with Carlile. Despite the member changes, OM&M’s debut album was released in March, and they continued to tour.

Members consist of vocalist Jerry Roush, guitarists Phil Manansala and Shayley Bourget, bassist Jaxin Hall, and drummer Valentino Arteaga.


Jerry and Shayley talk to SMAG about the new self-titled album and their upcoming tour.

Can you tell us about the new album?
SB: It’s heavy…but it’s melodic and there’s a lot of pretty parts. It’s very inspirational, especially for me writing my lyrics. [It’s] very uplifting you know, just so I can heighten people’s spirits and make them feel like life is meaningful. Yeah, I think it’s a good record.

Does the whole band contribute to writing the lyrics?
SB: For the most part, I wrote all of my stuff and melodies. And, yeah, we pretty much leave it up to the singers to do the singer stuff. And everybody plays their part.

After Warped Tour, y’all have a European Tour with August Burns Red. So is this going to be your first time performing in other countries?

JR: Yeah, it’s going to be our first time going overseas. August Burns Red and Blessthefall are friends of ours, so it’s going to be another fun homie hangout tour and it’ll be really fun to go to Europe.

Who are your biggest music influences?
SB: For me, it would be a lot of Deftones. [And] a lot of the nu metal stuff growing up –old classic stuff like Rush was my favorite band growing up. [And] Led Zeppelin. Nowadays, I’m just all about Deftones no matter what.

What bands are your close friends?
JR: Oh man, every band on Warped Tour!
SB: Pretty much the whole tour!
JR: Closure in Moscow [and] Attack Attack! are our good homies…Suicide Silence, Emmure, Breathe Carolina, Emarosa…[and] The Word Alive will be here, too. Chris, [from] Nevershoutnever, is a good friend of mine. I’m actually supposed to be on their bus right now. I just got a text message from their tour manager.

Would you rather it be really hot, or raining like this?
SB: I like this [rain] better than the heat for sure.

What advice would you give to aspiring bands trying to be in the position y’all are in right now?
SB: Do not give up! Follow it!
JR: And don’t forget you’ve got to start from somewhere. You can’t start off just playing the big time and doing this [referring to Warped Tour]. You’ve got to put in your dues first.
SB: Yeah, definitely.
JR: [It’s OK if you] play shows for [nobody] and don’t get paid after shows. You have to figure out how to [keep going] if your band breaks down. You know, that stuff comes first. Then you get to do cool stuff like this [referring to Warped Tour].


Photo credit: Stephanie Meza


Check them out at Their album is available on iTunes here.


The full series of Warped Tour 2010 band coverage includes PTV, Suicide Silence, OM&M and Emarosa.


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