Emarosa: from new album to upcoming fall tour

Post-hardcore band Emarosa from Lexington, Ky., was recently seen on Warped Tour, where they played all summer long, and are now preparing for their October/November tour.

After releasing their EP This Is Your Way Out, Emarosa adjusted their lineup and changed their sound. Compared to theirheavier tunes, it’s more melodic with the addition of vocalist Jonny Craig, whose inspiration is soul and R&B music. Craig contributes a distinct vocal style to Emarosa, and it’s apparent in their two full-lengths, Relativity, and their most recently released self-titled album.

The band’s upcoming schedule includes opening for August Burns Red and Bring Me The Horizon at the AP Tour aswell as headlining a UK tour in December. Despite frontman Jonny Craig’s involvement in various music projects (solo work; singing for super-group Isles and Glaciers; and working with Dance Gavin Dance, who recently welcomed him back) he continues to perform and tour with Emarosa.

The band participated in Warped Tour 2010 a few weeks after their sophomore album was released June 29. Both full-length albums have received high acclaim from critics, with Relativity reaching No. 33 on the Top Independent Albums chart and Emarosa reaching No. 9 on Billboard Independent Albums. Emarosa has a riveting musical ability thathas fans listening to unique melodies rarely found and that are hard to match.

Recommended songs: “Set it off like Napalm” and “The Game Played Right”

Emarosa is Jonny Craig (lead vocals), ER White (guitar), Jonas Ladekjaer (guitar), Jordan Stewart (keyboard), Will Sowers (bass), and Lukas Koszewski (drums).


Photo credit: (top/bottom) Smez, (middle) Jennifer


This is the final post in a series of Warped Tour 2010 band coverage. The full series includes PTVSuicide SilenceOM&M and Emarosa.


SMAG wants to know: What are your favorite songs on Emarosa’s latest album? When are you catching the band next?


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