Last minute holiday shopping tips

Five more days until Christmas! Have you finished all your holiday shopping? If not, here are some tips for last minute shopping while spending wisely.

Tip #1: Browse before you buy

Check availability online before going to the store to purchase. It will certainly help you save time. While searching online you can also compare different prices so can you get the best deal.

Tip #2: Shop online

Is the item you’re looking for not available at your local store? Try online sites like Sometimes the cost at Amazon can come out less than at stores, even with shipping. And there are also gift suggestions for family, co-workers, teens, someone with everything, and friends. Just make sure that your item can be delivered by Christmas.

Tip #3: Use up reward points

Speaking of online stores, reward cards also have their own online malls. If you’ve accumulated enough points, you can get really good deals on merchandise with your points and take advantage of their special offers.

Tip #4: Check up front

Are you not sure what to get? Usually stores have the hot items up front for easy access. Take a look at these for great gift ideas.

Tip #5: Stay alert

Stores are still having sales so make sure to look at your local paper and take notice of the commercials of extended hours, offers and sale events. Try to go when the store opens so that you can avoid long lines.

Tip #6: Play it safe

In the end, if you aren’t able to find the right gift then a gift card would be a good choice.

–Diana, writer

**Do you have any tips for last minute shoppers? What’s the best deal you’ve found this year? What’s your idea of the perfect Christmas gift??

Image: Smez


One response to “Last minute holiday shopping tips

  1. Tip #2 is my shopping season’s bible! So true. As of today I’m 90% done with all of my Xmas shopping. I’ll search for last minute deals on the gift guide page over at All My Faves ( It brought me much needed inspiration for my mother-in-law and sister, and today I’ll be browsing for a nice gift for my dad (power tool perhaps?) Anyway, I’m sure I’ll find it here. Merry Xmas!

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