Show review: Electronica band The Pinker Tones

The Pinker Tones, an electronica band hailing from Barcelona, Spain, make techno beats cool, fun, and daring. They kicked off their U.S. tour in Austin, Texas, February 17 and made stops in Houston and Miami.

The edgy DJ duo–Professor Manso (Alex Llovet) and Mister Furia (Salvador Rey)–was very humorous and fun during the pre-show interview (soon to come) with SMAG. Don’t you love their names?

Their songs can’t be classified in one genre. Think funktronika mixed with rock and dance tunes, but there’s lots of variety.Whatever genre you decide to associate with this band, I can tell you that this band is unique. Their music has been sung in four languages (English, Spanish, French and German) and incorporates various musical influences.

The first song I heard from The Pinker Tones, “Sonido Total,” off  their 2006 album, The Million Colour Revolution–has become my favorite. It’s upbeat, catchy, and full of electronic pops. From Modular, their latest album, I would definitely recommend “Tokyo” and “Modular” for fans of electronic (and those looking for dance music) and “Estirado Al Sol” and “Sampleame” for those who prefer funky elements in their music that are lively yet chill. Visit to listen. And if you watch their music videos, you’ll see that these guys like to have fun.

Being a band based in Spain, my chances of seeing The Pinker Tones perform live were slim. So when I found out that they would be in the U.S., I couldn’t believe it.

The fans and I waited longer than expect for the show to start at the Beauty Bar in Austin, but I knew I was going to be enjoying a electronic-filled night. The opening band, Mixed Use Media, performed on the main floor rather than the stage. All members were completely immersed in the music…it was pretty mesmerizing, especially with all the lights. They delivered a energetic performance that has converted my friends and I into fans.

The long period of waiting in between the first and second bands was a bit of an energy buster for me and most likely the rest of the audience. But the next band, Freshmillions, made sure to bring in the crowd from the red picnic tables outside to the main floor of the bar. On stage, they were playful and talkative. As for the music, it was strange (in a good way) and captivating.

At long last, The Pinker Tones got the spotlight on stage. Professor Manso on keyboard, Mister Furia on vocals and guitar in the center, next to him who I believe to be DJ Nino, and in the back on drums was new member Robert Guibiaqui. Mister Furia’s tight, red leather pants could have stole the show.

They played a lot of songs from their new album, and I must say they sound even better live. During the show, the band members interacted with the crowd through a chanting contest, a music session with the crowd dangling car/house keys which they eagerly fished out of their pockets, guided singing, and an up-close-and-personal moment when the professor went off-stage and into the audience. Mister Manso even took out a harmonica at one point.

It was a long night, but I enjoyed it so much that the band’s time on stage passed quickly (and too soon for me). The addition of an awesome light show would have made things extra interesting, and I could have used some more electronic-heavy songs. Nevertheless, it’s a show that I won’t soon forget.

I don’t know where all of Austin’s electronica fans were that Thursday night, but let’s hope that next time The Pinker Tones visit Austin, the crowd can show their wild side.

Future concert dates include 4/9 @ the Vive Latino Festival in Mexico City and 4/17 @ The Highline Ballroom in New York. And if you have the luxury of flying to Spain for a concert, catch them at the PolifoniK Sound Festival on April 23.



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