J.K. Rowling announces Pottermore

J.K. Rowling has finally announced her Pottermore project, a free website that “builds an exciting online experience around the reading of Harry Potter books.”

Harry Potter fans have eagerly awaited J.K. Rowling announcement, which had been spurred by the teasers surrounding the new project. Even learning the name of the project required some waiting and sleuthing…”Pottermore” was revealed letter by letter. The letters were hidden on secretstreetview.com and fans had to find cordinates in order to locate each. For a bit of background on the street view, go here. Time.com also speculated about the site before the announcement: Harry Potter Fans Salivate Over J.K. Rowling’s New Site, ‘Pottermore.’

View the announcement here:

The announcement didn’t reveal much about the specific kind of online experience HP fans will be getting, but at least we have more information. Rowling will be sharing extra tidbits about the wondrous world of Harry Potter that she’s been “hoarding for years.”

More details on the site were updated on time.com here: “‘Pottermore Secrets Reveals: J.K Rowling’s New Site is E-Book Meets Interactive World.” The article states that Pottermore isn’t a game, but rather a series of illustrative environments with some animated features. Sadly for HP fans and me, “Pottermore is no World of Warcraft.”

There was also another piece of news: the Harry Potter series will be available as e-books.

The Pottermore experience begins this October. A few will be able to enter early; visit pottermore.com on July 31 to find out how. To be notified when registration opens, sign up on the Pottermore site.

Hopefully more is revealed as it gets closer to October.

So tell us, what are your thoughts on what ‘Pottermore’ has turned out to be? 


Image via mmocrunch.com


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