Radio show #3

Show number three already! We started out with Austin events and listed places to cool down in Austin, including pools, lakes and the fountains at the Long Center and the Domain.

Other topics:

-Mexico playing against the US for the Gold Cup

-Informal and informal way to talk in Spanish and how it varies

-Spanglish and our experiences with it

-A sad music video that Smez didn’t like but we did

-A funny blog Britany found

-updates on Korean dramas Britany is watching


Artist Title Album Label Link
Nightwish Seven Days to the Wolves Dark Passion Play rock orchestra scene nation oy roadrunner records
Maldita Vecindad y los hijos del Quinto Patio Quinto Patio Ska Circular Colectivo ska Nacional Records
2 p.m. Hands Up Hands Up k-pop jyp entertainment
Bayside Duality the walking wounded punk rock victory


Let us know if you’d like to request a song to play or topic to discuss!



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