Album Review: Set Your Goal’s Burning At Both Ends

After the release of their third studio album, Burning at Both Ends, Set Your Goals have proved that they are a pop punk band forced to be reckoned with.

The new album delivers the similar upbeat tempos from previous records (Mutiny!, This Will Be the Death of Us), but have evidently progressed lyrically and musically. While songs such as “London Heathrow” and “Product of the 80’s” show SYG’s ability to produce quality pop punk melodies, the band shows another side of themselves with somewhat heavier pieces such as “Trenches.” The six-piece from the Bay Area have currently been touring the US all summer on the Vans Warped Tour, and have plans to tour this fall with New Found Glory.

Recommended: “Start the Reactor”

Burning at Both Ends is available in stores and for download on iTunes.


Burning At Both Ends Track Listing

1. Cure For Apathy- 2:22
2. Start The Reactor- 2:42
3. Certain- 3:02
4. Happy New Year- 3:16
5. London Heathrow- 2:59
6. Trenches- 3:03
7. The Last American Virgin- 3:07
8. Exit Summer- 2:25
9. Unconditional- 3:26
10. Product Of The 80’s- 2:42
11. Raphael- 3:12
12. Illuminated Youth- 2:48
13. Not As Bad- 18:53

Photo: Stephanie Meza


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