Starting off the Year

Hello, 2012! It’ll be an exciting year for us…we have lots in store for you!

We’re starting out the year refreshed and (after looking over old print copies of SMAG) even more inspired. Things that we enjoy–interesting food, punk and Spanish music, crafty projects, Top Chef–will be a focus. Of course, we’ll share and promote other things as well…just send us suggestions!

The last few months, we’ve partnered with Austin Underground (since I co-produce the show) and I look forward to more of that teamwork in the coming months.

Some highlights from last year include the Bayside’s show at Emo’s Austin, the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour,  The Pinker Tones show at The Beauty Bar, and discovering Thieves at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Great memories…but wait! They’re not just memories, they’re videos that we can share.

AU/SMAG interviews Anthony and Nick of Bayside:

Our interview with This Time Next Year during the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour:

We interview Thieves, an Austin pop punk band, at FFFF:

Looking ahead, we’re looking forward to the Where’s The Band Tour, the Top Chef: Texas finale, SXSW, Vans Warped Tour, and the release of a new Billy Talent album.

What would you like to see more of on SMAG this year?



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