24/7 Week on TSTV = Punk Rock Karaoke Show

All this week, Texas Student Television (TSTV) is airing LIVE shows all day…24/7. Every minute of the marathon is a chance to create something new…shows about stuff you never see on TV. So how could this not be pitched?? Punk Rock Karaoke.

Earlier this week, Austin Underground (a Volted partner) hosted a hodgepodge show: 

Jazzercise, tug of war challenge (guys vs girls), pie eating contest (pictured, on right) , and blind food taste testing. Now we’re getting in on the fun!

For all of you who can’t get enough of singing your favorite songs–in the car, in the shower, in between breaths and chews at the dinner table–what better way to keep on singing than on live television? And it’s not just plain ol’ karaoke with all the usual, overplayed-on-the-radio songs…it’s punk karaoke.

There is a serious lack of punk music in karaoke places (at least the places I’ve seen). Volted is tackling the issue by sponsoring a karaoke show that does just that! That means Billy Talent, Bayside, The Wonder Years, Set Your Goals, and the like.

Any punk fans in Austin are encouraged to stop by the studio and jam out with us…sing, scream, do backup vocals, be a backup dancer, watch, or request a song! Non-Austinites can still watch and request songs before we go live (we need to add to the playlist and teleprompter in advance). There will be a karaoke session at 10pm tonight, but then it’ll go exclusively punk one hour later, at midnight.

The studio is located on the 4th floor of the HSM on the UT Austin campus. View map.

Please show your support and call in to 512-471-3190 during the show and cheer us on! You can also send in requests to @voltedmag or on our Facebook page, Volted Magazine.

**Find the show on Austin local channels 15, 16, 29.1 or stream it online here.

So tell us in the comments: Are you coming to sing or have a song suggestion?

[Read more about TSTV’s 24/7 marathon in The Daily Texan]


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