Interview: The Tired and True on The Wild Ones Tour II

The Tired And True, currently on The Wild Ones Tour II, has played a handful of shows in Texas on this tour alone, and played in Austin during SXSW earlier this year. They talk to Volted about The Wild Ones, the latest record Haunts, releasing on vinyl, and what’s next for The Tired And True.

This Connecticut-based pop punk band has made a significant impression. Seeing them live this year during SXSW near the Kebabalicious food trailer on 7th–that’s what got me hooked.

The sun was still out. There were clusters of kids around the stage and along the wooden fence. I stood near the front, next to my younger sister.

Open ears and mind, I took in all the music played that day. But it was The Tired And True that was stuck in my head afterwards–the music and their energetic live performance.

I hadn’t heard of the band before then, so, sadly, I wasn’t singing along to the songs. But I felt the music enough to move and jump around.

Those who weren’t moving? Well, they got singer Kurt Zikaras in their face. One of the hilarious highlights of the day.

Kurt went all the way to the back to sing to some kids who were sitting down by the fence, and my sister even got him screaming in her face (look more alive next time, sis). They definitely pumped up the crowd. At one point, Kurt hopped onto a nearby stair rail and jumped down and over my head.

Surely, a set I won’t forget.

Getting in the zone

It’s been the second year the band has played SXSW.

“SXSW every year is something that we definitely prepare for,” says Kurt.

The night before, they stayed at their friend Brian’s house, in San Antonio. There was no partying. They set an alarm and it was straight to sleep. If they wanted to beat the traffic getting into Austin, they had to wake up really early.

“We just hung out all day…resting up and preparing,” said Kurt.

The show they put on definitely required lots of energy, and high levels of it are hard to keep up when on tour.

“You gotta get in the zone to give it your all every night,” says bassist Pat Good. “Some nights you can’t. You’ll see bands and, you know, they have a little bit of an off night. But it doesn’t mean they’re a bad band…it just means they’ve been sleeping in the van way too much and eating way too much fast food and probably partying a little excessively.”

“This might be one of those nights,” added Pat, who went hiking and swimming with the guys earlier on. “Sometimes it catches up to you at a show, but mainly just try to dig down for some energy.”

The wild ones

For The Tired And True, Latin For Truth, and Carridale, The Wild Ones Tour is about playing with friends. This is the second year that the bands are touring together, says Kurt, who is eager to make it an annual tour.

“Latin For Truth and Carridale are some of our best friends, and this is the only time of the year we really get to see these guys,” says Kurt. “So naturally we spend a ton of time hanging out.”

At the show, guitar was covered by Latin For Truth’s Tom Lovejoy and drums by friend Jake Weber.

A rowdy crowd sang along to the songs, most of them from the band’s latest EP, Haunts.  The sound of the record has matured along with the band members, who have gained experience as musicians and songwriters.

A lot of the trauma caused by touring influenced the lyrical content of Haunts, says Kurt.

The Tired And True will be back on tour in the fall. A full USA tour and Japan tour are in the works as well as new music by the fall.

“We’re trying to bring the music [to] places we’ve never been before, and that’s going to be happening a lot at the end of the year,” says Kurt.

“We’ll see what happens next,” he says. “Hopefully, we’ll just get even better.”

–Stephanie Meza

Watch our interview with The Tired And True and footage from the live set!

Want to see photos of the whole show? See our earlier post >> Photos: The Wild Ones Tour II – Austin, TX


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