Photos: Thieves ‘Achiever’ Release Show

A large Austin crowd took over the Gypsy Lounge last Saturday night to celebrate the release of the new Thieves album, Achiever. Check out the photos to see Thieves in action on their big day, including shots of Evander, State Champs, Forever Came Calling, Ready The Messenger, Suckerpunch, and With The Punches.

The show also served as a release party for San Antonio natives Suckerpunch and their new seven-track album, Are We Having Fun Yet? Also supporting their new releases were With The Punches, Forever Came Calling, and State Champs, who are currently on a tour that runs until August 11. They stopped by just in time to wildly celebrate with their fellow bands and help Austin give a strong farewell to Thieves and Suckerpunch.

Thieves and Suckerpunch are embarking on The Achiever Tour, bringing along their friends in Far From Proper. The one-month tour ends back in San Antonio on September 1. You can download Achiever and Are We Having Fun Yet? on bandcamp or catch them on tour to get your physical CD now.

–Images and text by Jesse Crouse


Official // Facebook// Twitter // Bandcamp


Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp


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