Premium Rush: A Thrill to be Witnessed

It’s safe to say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt epitomizes the term ‘bad ass’ in his newest flick to hit theatres,“Premium Rush.” Gordon-Levitt is relentless in his portrayal of bad-boy biker Wiley, and his commitment to the role surges off the big screen.

Wiley the wild bike messenger is not afraid to skin his knee to say the least, and his dare devil tendencies can be seen through his distaste for having brakes on his bike. He lives for the rush, but it comes with a cost.

A Feel for the Fast Lane

The opening scene is pumped with automatic adrenaline, and wastes no time showing the audience the basic feel and tone of the entire movie. Wiley has the tendencies of a hyperactive skater kid with a need and desire for danger. The audience is allowed into his frantic mind, watching through his lens as he makes split-second decisions that can result in life or death.

Gordon-Levitt is not afraid to get dirty in this action-packed flick. Stick around for the credits and you will see for yourself behind-the-scenes footage of Gordon-Levitt needing 32 stiches after riding his bike into the back of a taxi. Judging by his sly grin, he seems to enjoy his bloody battle wound!

Joseph Gordon-Love-it

I would have personally been happy just staring at Joseph Gordon-Levitt riding his bike around all day long, sweating up a storm. However, the plot is captivating enough to keep the audience on their toes, yet does nothing to confuse us. We wouldn’t have enough time to be confused either! The film moves at such a lightning-fast rate, there is simply no time to think back on previous scenes.

A Female Act in the Slow Lane

Former “Sorority Row” star and “Real World” alum Jamie Chung stars as the woman desperately relying on Wiley to deliver her ever-so-important letter. I can’t say I was particularly impressed with Chung’s performance, as it seemed rather amateur and contrived. The Chinese accent she put on was quite unbelievable–in other words, I did not believe any of it. Perhaps it was because I’ve seen her in too many teeny bopper flicks to be able to accept her forlorn and emotionally distressed portrayal of a Chinese immigrant in grave need of help. Simply put, an Oscar is not in the cards for Chung.

Overall Impression

I was thoroughly impressed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance in this action adventure. Unless I am mistaken, he must have rarely used a stunt double (except for maybe a handful of tricky bike maneuvers).

There will be audience members who may become slightly bored at the concept of JGL nearly dying every few minutes. Some might call the concept boring, but to a slow moving Texan like myself, the movie’s fast pace kept my attention. Gordon-Levitt is irresistibly wild in his latest cinematic adventure and, whether you are a boy who loves action, or a girl who loves Gordon-Levitt, your times will be well spent.

Premium Rush (US release: 24-Aug-12)
Rating: 8/10

–Sonia Singh


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