Photos: Such Gold, The Swellers & Strung Out

The night belonged to the older crowd, popping into Austin’s Red 7 to see California punk rock veterans Strung Out. The band toured the US and Canada earlier this summer and have hopped back into touring, playing the second leg of the tour with The Swellers and Such Gold.

Starting us off was Thieves, just off a tour with pop punk acts Suckerpunch and Far From Proper. They delivered an energetic-as-ever performance and played some new tunes from Achiever, their latest release, as well as old favorites. Up next was Such Gold, who just this August put out their debut full-length, Misadventures. The Swellers, one man short, followed. Without bassist Anto Boros during this date, they played as a three-piece.

These three great bands left me in high spirits, but I still needed a quick break to scavenge for some eats. That I found nearby at Hoboken Pie on Red River. I made the short trip for a hot, giant slice of pizza and then headed back to Red 7 to catch Strung Out close out the night. I slipped inside.

It was significantly more packed then when I’d left. Eager Strung Out fans were crowded in front of the stage. I found myself a spot in a tight corner with a good view. I didn’t know what to expect but can say they play a pretty amazing set and are still rocking their energy after two decades of shows.

–Images and text by Stephanie Meza

Check out the photos from the Sept. 8 show below:


Such Gold

The Swellers

Strung Out


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