College Style: Fabulous Freshmen vs. Scrubbed Out Seniors

Ah, college. A time of self exploration, moral hiccups, scandalous hookups, and those wretched 8 a.m. classes. For hoards of incoming college freshmen, it is a time to impress. Yet for many tired and mentally worn out seniors, the fashion ship has sailed. Comparing the style ideals between a “scrubbed out” senior and a “fabulous freshman” results in a very strong clash of opinion.

The Fabulous Freshman 

The concept of an attractive outward appearance, for St. Edward’s freshman Jennifer Nguyen, is more than simply scanning for compliments. “It’s psychological. If I look good, I feel good.” Even though it takes her no more than 20 minutes to perfect her look in the mornings, she still takes time to accessorize and plan the perfect look.

It would simply be a waste to not wear the many beautiful articles of clothing she has splurged on, Jennifer says. Spoken like a true fashionista, she revels in her right to look stylish: “I bought the clothes to wear, not to hang in a closet.”

However, she does not see her enthusiasm lasting forever. “As the year continues,” she says, “I may resort to Nike tempos and T-shirts some days.” According to Jennifer, clothes “present who you are” and first impressions mean the utmost. She is a girl on a mission to look fierce and stay confident as long as she can.

Scrubbed Out Senior

Eesha Gulati, a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, started college with an attitude very much like Jennifer’s. “When I entered college, I literally had my outfits and accessories planned out for at least the first two weeks.” Every day was a new adventure. She dressed for each new day with a sense of excitement.

But as extra curriculars and studies began to pile up, she started to have less and less time and started to care less and less to impress. By the second semester of her freshman year, Eesha recalls succumbing to the typical, daily college girl attire of free
T-shirts, nike shorts, and messy buns.

Nearly at the end of the college finish line, Eesha is embracing what she likes to call “hobo scrub,” which is not that much of a style but rather a lack of one. This may be due to increased laziness but also “involves a certain level of realization that I want others to judge me for more than my appearance.”

Eesha has nothing against the “swagged out” newcomers she encounters daily. Looking at her freshmen counterparts, she thinks to herself, “Let ’em learn, let ’em learn.”

Having the time and motivation to dress up more often would be a lovely luxury, says Eesha, but the urge to look presentable to others has decreased. She quotes Dr. Seuss while describing her mindset: “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

–Sonia Singh (@SoniaSingh787)

Images courtesy Jennifer Nguyen and Eesha Gulati, top image © Smez/

4 responses to “College Style: Fabulous Freshmen vs. Scrubbed Out Seniors

  1. I love the analogy between senior and freshmen. It’s kind of the same way in the world. Gotta be super fly that first week, but after a while, you try to make it as easy as possible. Then the cute moments make appearances.

    • Ha, what a coincidence! Agreed, 8 ams are a nightmare (unless you’re a morning person). What other tendencies have y’all noticed?

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