Violent Waves Tour: Circa Survive, Touché Amoré, Balance and Composure, O’Brother

The Violent Waves Tour made its stop at Emo’s East with bands O’Brother, Touché Amoré, Balance and Composure, and Circa Survive, who are promoting their new self released album Violent Waves. Check out the photos to see for yourself how amazing this show was.

O’Brother started the show off with a chill and ambient, yet aggressive and energetic, vibe. Next, Balance and Composure took the stage with their full and heavy sound. Hardcore band Touché Amoré followed, inspiring an outburst of moshing and crowd surfing. Circa Survive wrapped up the show with an hour-and-a-half long set, filled with even more dancing, crowd surfing, and even confetti cannons.

With the tour’s last date on October 12, it looks like you’ll have to wait and keep your eyes peeled for the next time they play in your area.

Free four-song download of Violent Waves Tour Comp EP available on

–Text and images by Jesse Crouse


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