Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

Music lovers from all around Texas, and even farther out, joined Austin in celebrating the seventh annual Fun Fun Fun Fest during the first week of November. The three-day festival took over Auditorium Shores with many bands, performances, comedians, and other acts.

Depending on your music taste or what bands you’re into, any day could have been your main day. But the fest chose Friday to put out its biggest headliner. After thirteen years, Run DMC reunited on the orange stage with Jam Master Jay’s sons taking his place. But as the dusty weekend continued, festival goers had to choose between big comedy names such as Hannibal Buress and David Cross, music, skateboarding, or Austin’s own Anarchy Championship Wrestling, all while trying to catch Torchy’s Tacos flying from a cannon. Other headliners for the fest were A$AP Rocky, Girl Talk, Refused, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Turbonegro. If you missed this year’s fest, be sure to catch it next year and have some fun fun fun.

–Jesse Crouse

Photo: Ceremony at Red 7, FFF nites by Jesse Crouse


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