Dallas rock band Hindsight looks forward

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Though their first EP Chapter XIII was just released in June 2012, Dallas rock band Hindsight is already looking at taking a new direction for the next EP and eager to play shows around Texas. Video of “Locked In” played live plus their interview at the end of this post.

The band played Unsilent Night, Third String Productions’ annual Christmas show, at the beginning of December. The week before the festival, Hindsight was in Houston for a show at House of Creeps with Chemistry, Fingers Crossed, Tigerparty, Waterparks, and Russel Womack, who played an acoustic set.

The beginning of Chapter XIII

High school friends Faizan Khan and Ryan Hughes, both on guitar and vocals for Hindsight, started writing material for the band about a year ago. Friends Hayden Robertson and Keaton Khonsari joined the band on bass and drums, respectively.

“We recorded [Chapter XIII] in June of this last summer 2012 and we put it out ourselves,” Hughes said. “We have fives songs on the EP. We’re actually planning on recording our next EP January or February of 2013. So I say, all together, we’ll have 10 songs that we’re going to start playing live.”

Finding their sound

Sitting down as a band, while not busy with school, they thought about how they could differentiate themselves.

There was a desire to “bring back old music,” Khan mentioned.

The band is steering away from the pop punk sound in Chapter XIII but keeping the emo sound and looking more toward grunge and post-hardcore, Hughes said.

This new direction seems fitting, since they have been listening to ‘90s music—bands such as Seaweed, Nirvana, Hum, Jawbreaker—for a long time.

“To us, we don’t really care if it appeals…,” Hughes said.

“Not to be rude,” Khan added, with a laugh.

“We’re going to write music that we like,” continued Hughes. “I know that’s a super cliché answer, but we just…we want to write music that we would want to hear from bands today.”

Hindsight hopes to bring a noticeably more mature sound to the next EP.

Not limited

The band has been playing in Dallas but, due to injuries preventing Khan and Hughes from playing, not as much as they would have liked. Still, response toward Chapter XIII has been positive.

“We have a lot of friends in bands in Dallas and it kind of helped us out,” said Hughes of the band’s reception in the local scene.

Though a relatively new band, Hindsight does not feel limited to their hometown.

“If we had the opportunity to come play cities like Austin or Houston, like tonight, we’d jump at the opportunity,” Hughes said. “Because we’re from Dallas doesn’t mean we’re limited to Dallas.”

First show in Houston

Hindsight’s first show in Houston was with their friends in Chemistry.

“They’ve been very gracious to let us play the show tonight and let us stay with them,” Hughes said of Chemistry. “So we owe a lot to them, as a band and as individuals.”

The band was also grateful to the venue, The House of Creeps, a house that opens its doors for shows on a regular basis. “It’s cool to see a venue like this in today’s trying times,” Hughes said.

Dallas has a similar venue called Tapatio Studios, home to a few guys including a few from the Dallas band Power Trip.

“Any band that’s ever coming through Dallas, I strongly urge them to play there…over anything such as, like, House of Blues, The Palladium, Door Dallas,” Hughes said.

“Play at Tapatio instead, because they work very hard to bring you cool shows,” he said. “And it provides a place where kids can go see a band and not have to pay some ridiculous cover charge that goes straight to some promoter’s pocket.”

Shedding the fat

“The set we played tonight, it was actually our first time playing a different set since we started the band, “ Khan said.

It was a sort of test run for the band. “We played a new song—a new song and a half, kind of—but I liked it,” Hughes said. “It felt good.

“We cut one song that we used to play,” he said.

“Tally Marks,” Khan noted.

Though Chapter XIII means a lot to the band and they have no regrets in making the EP, they realize that “it’s kind of nice to shed the fat.”

“Definitely stoked for new stuff, “ Khan said.

“Yeah,” Hughes said. “We like to look forward.”


This is the second part in a series of posts: (1) Black Friday show photos, followed by interviews and live set videos of (2) Hindsight, (3) Fingers Crossed, (4) Tigerparty, (5) Waterparks, and (6) Chemistry.


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