Statuette on ‘Lucid Inexpression’

Statuette interview

Austin post-hardcore band Statuette talks about their love of sad music, the meaning behind “Lucid Inexpression,” and compare Losing Roots to their latest release Residual & Timeless. Watch the video interview below.

Statuette, almost at their one-year mark, have two releases: Losing Roots and, most recently, Residual & Timeless, a 3-song EP. Upcoming for the band is a winter tour with Restless. They kickoff the tour this Thursday, December 20, at The Annex at 1808 (1808 E 12th St.) in Austin with Old Problems, Retirement Home, and With Teeth and Nails. Show at 8:30 PM, $5.

Listen to “Lucid Inexpression” off of Residual & Timeless along with an interview of Elliot, Landon, and Blake of Statuette.

Check out more of their music at or find them on Facebook.

Winter tour dates:

12/27- El Paso, Texas
12/28- Phoenix, Arizona
12/29- Murrieta, California
12/30- OFF DAY in San Diego/Los Angeles
12/31- San Diego/Chula Vista, California
01/01- Las Vegas, Nevada
01/02- Fresno, California
01/03- Sacramento, California
01/04- Vancouver, Washington
01/05- Seattle, Washington
01/06- Hermiston, Oregon
01/07- Boise, Idaho
01/08- Salt Lake City, Utah
01/09- Denver, Colorado

Related video: Statuette live performance of Rain (Love Loss)


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