Photos: Broadway Calls, Silver Snakes, Payoff

Broadway Calls 06

Broadway Calls and Silver Snakes kicked off their current tour in California, with a stop at Cobalt Cafe. They played with Payoff, Dead End Alaska, and Call It Off. Photos below of Payoff, Silver Snakes, and Broadway Calls!

Cobalt CafeA bit hidden along the strip of stores in Canoga Park, a city near Los Angeles, is the sleek-looking Cobalt Cafe.

The blue-ish purple haze surrounding this all-ages venue is mirrored on the inside. The dim lights revealing a grungy interior, and wide open space in front of a low stage and carpeted floors, the kind you might run on were you playing lazer tag. Colorful and abstract paintings decorated the walls, while graffiti covered the back room/band entrance.

Payoff, a female-fronted quartet, have only recently been playing shows and they put on a great set. Post-hardcore band Silver Snakes followed, with an energy that’d make anyone a fan and music that appeals to a wide audience. I was drawn in the first time I saw the band perform inside Austin’s Mellow Mushroom during SXSW 2012, with bands including Seahaven and Code Orange Kids.

Broadway Calls (No Sleep Records) brought a good end to the show. There was a good-sized crowd singing along when they took the stage, and they continued at it the whole night.

Photos by Stephanie Meza


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