Enchilada Round Table at Pelóns Austin

Pelon's - Austin, TX

Hungry and downtown? Keep Pelón’s in mind the next time you’re out and are in the mood for a filling, sit-down dinner.

If you’ve walk down Red River, you have most likely passed it by. Pelón’s is a Tex-Mex restaurant that is open all week from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. with a bar right next door, 508, open until 2 a.m.

We had some hungry people test the enchiladas, so let the round table begin.


Enchilada Round Table

Dish: Chile con Carne Enchiladas / Eater: Sonia Melendez

Pelon's - Chile con Carne Enchiladas

The music being played was great, fun, and exactly what Latin people love! And the food was delicious! Their daily special was the enchiladas, and not just the cheese enchiladas like in most restaurants, you could choose from any of their long list. The plate comes with two sides. They also have two choices of beans (black and pinto – like most restaurants), but what I found interesting was their choices of rice. They had old-fashioned Mexican rice or the choice of cilantro rice. Once you’ve had this rice, you will go through a withdrawal. Honestly, I craved this stuff for three days straight.

The chile con carne enchiladas dish was basically ground beef in a tortilla with red enchilada sauce. Once again, d-e-licious! There aren’t many places that offer both red sauce and green sauce on enchiladas. I am more partial to the red sauce but the green sauce was phenomenal as well.

Dish: Cheese enchiladas with Mexican rice and refried beans / Eater: Britany

Pelon's - Britany's dish

The dish looked delicious, at a glance. I took the first bite of the enchilada but didn’t find the taste of the red sauce very pleasing. It was tangy and a little spicy. The sauce wasn’t so bad that I would not eat my dish, but I just didn’t like it and will prefer not to have the sauce next time. The Mexican rice was really good. It wasn’t too heavy with tomato sauce, and it wasn’t so dry that there was no flavor, either. There was a good balance. And I like the fact that the beans were topped with white cheese.

Dish: Enchiladas Coronas / Eater: Andrea

Pelon's - Enchiladas Coronas

Blue corn tortillas layered with hand-pulled chicken, asadero cheese, tomatillo sauce and garnished with lettuce, house pico de gallo and cotija cheese.

The main appeal of the Enchiladas Coronas were the blue corn tortillas. Aside from that difference, the way the enchilada was presented was also different to what I’m used to.  The chicken and the cheese were not encased in the tortilla but rather on top of the tortilla, with all the other add-ins. When I dug into my plate, I really liked the cheese and tomatillo sauce.

I am big on mixing all the ingredients of a dish, so everything that came with the enchilada blended into a flavorful meal. I also added some tortilla chip salsa to make it a little spicier. All in all, the meal was really good.
Pelon's Austin - Andrea & Britany

Sonia’s final words

Overall, the waiting staff was super friendly, the food was amazing, and the music was great.

There’s even a dance floor at the 508 bar, which comes in handy for anyone trying to keep those calories in check because, let’s face it, there is cheese on almost every Mexican plate. And you will eat it all because it’s just that good.

Pelóns / 802 Red River St. / pelonsaustin.com

photos: Stephanie Meza


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