Grammys 2013: My Favorite and Not So Favorite Moments

Volted Review: 2013 Grammy Awards

It was Grammy evening this past Sunday, and even though I was at work I made sure to watch a live feed online so I didn’t miss any of the magic. This year in particular I wanted to watch because my boy, Ed Sheeran, took to the stage to perform with Elton John. Ed honestly has one of the most crisp and distinct, subtle yet powerful voices in the business. Not to mention he is undeniably adorable, and British, AND ginger, so how can you not love him? I met the kind and charming Ed roughly a month ago as well, so seeing him perform live on the Grammys was a must.

Taylor Swift opened the show, and to be honest, I was not impressed. Her gimmicks and stage show seem overly planned to distract from the fact that she can’t really sing live to save her life. Smaller settings mixed with slower songs suit her dainty voice, but not gigantic Grammy stages combined with upbeat song choices. I also got too much of a Britney vibe while watching this Alice in Wonderland meets circus style stage show. And her mocking the accent of her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles? That came across as painfully immature, and it’s sad because he seems to be taking the high road and he’s five years younger! Then again, he doesn’t make his money off of selling out his past relationship dramas.

Enough of Taylor though and her ever present dance moves throughout the entirety of the program. Let’s move on to some incredible Grammy performances. Fun. rocked the stage, and you cannot deny that Nate, the lead singer, has such a theatric and incredible voice, much like that of Freddie Mercury. However, the whole rain scheme did seem a little outdated. The concept doesn’t surprise me anymore, but the sunshine after the rain was an original touch. The Black Keys, The Lumineers, and Mumford and Sons all gave incredible performances; though I am in love with all three bands, so I may be biased. I am so glad that folk and rock is still being recognized on such a massive scale. Mumford and Sons won Album of the Year as well, which surely divided many people. But quite frankly, I adore them.

Speaking of things that are frank, Frank Ocean won big at the Grammys, and Chris Brown lost just as hard (aka: he looked like a sore loser when he didn’t stand as his rival won Best Urban Contemporary Album). Frank also performed his single “Forrest Gump,” which received mixed reviews. It was the type of performance that could easily be picked apart, but I love the Oceanator and I understand his slow jam, sort of easy and mellow performing style.

Rihanna did fantastic as well, belting out “Stay” and also performing a Bob Marley tribute with Sting, Bruno Mars, and the Marley brothers Damien and Ziggy. This was probably my favorite moment of the night, particularly when Damien busted out his reggae rap. Something about reggae just makes me want to bust a move. Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z were good in my eyes, though I’ve never been a huge JT fan. I find his comeback single to be rather lackluster.

At the end of the awards, in fitting condition, LL Cool J and Chuck D toasted MCA and The Beastie Boys. Their mash-up included the riff to “No Sleep Til’ Brooklyn,” one of my favorite Beastie Boys tunes. I was upset they cut off this performance to roll commercials, but I guess that is just show biz. Over all, I heavily enjoyed this year’s Grammy Awards because so many of my favorite artists were present. Music inspires, and that is one thing I am sure millions of us can agree on.

–Sonia Singh (@SoniaSingh787)

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