R & B’s Taste of Chicago: Chicago-style Hot Dogs and Pizza in San Antonio

R&B's Taste of Chicago

We San Antonians are pretty much spoiled rotten with all the great food in our hometown. Anywhere we turn is a piece of the world–different traditions and styles of foods–at our fingertips. Take R & B’s Taste Of Chicago for instance. The restaurant makes San Antonio feel just like Chicago.

Everyone knows about Chicago. You know, the windy city, the Bulls, and as the three fat guys around the table would like to say, “DA BEARS.” What else do they have to offer, other than great sport teams? I found that out on a visit to R & B’s.

I went in, looked around and told myself, “Not the biggest place, let’s see if the food is good.” I tried the Chicago dog and Chicago deep dish pizza, which is probably the best tag team duo since Batman and Robin. I’ve been going back ever since.

The Chicago Dog is tremendous. I never knew a hot dog would look so colorful. The bright green relish, the white onion, the dark green peppers, the bright red tomato, the yellow mustard, and the pickle. All of what I’ve been missing in a hot dog all along. You want to make sure you get everything in the first bite. The hot dog is spicy, tangy and sweet all at once. You get all the flavors you wouldn’t expect. Nothing overwhelms the meat. It all seems to blend together very well. The Vienna hot dog meat is a must when eating a Chicago hotdog. You don’t get the regular boring weenie you get from the groceries. It’s more of a sausage hotdog, and you won’t forget about it even with all the toppings. The tastes of the tomato, hot pepper, sweet relish, topped with salt and pepper are all present. And the mustard of the hotdog is not overpowering. The pickle adds not only a great garnish, but the flavor completes the Chicago Hotdog. Please, I beg. Do not ask for mayo or ketchup! This is not that kind of dog.

The original R & B’s location off of Austin Highway is still open, with a second location off of Callaghan and IH-10. The I visited the second R&B’s, which is run by the owners who cook and serve. What made Rudy, the owner, decide to start making Chicago deep dish pizza down in San Antonio? “I’ve always wanted to do it,” Rudy said. “Just another thing to bring down from Chicago.”

R&B Chicago Deep Dish Carnivore Pizza

They had only been making the pizza for about three months, at the time I ate. I ordered the carnivore pizza which contains two layers of pepperoni, chunked under sausage and Canadian bacon. The flavors of this pizza is something to just sit back and scream, “Wow!” about. The crust needs a few tweaks. With more time under their belt, I know that this pizza can be and will be number one.

Other items on the menu include burgers, cheesesteaks, gyros, and sandwiches. The Italian beef sandwich is a wet sandwich consisting of thin sliced top sirloin meat seasoned with Italian herbs and spices. You can ask for it with sweet peppers or hot peppers. The hoagie bread is dunked in the au jus, or drippings of the meat. In the drippings, people! Anyone who’s reading this: how could you not have your mouth watering right now? This is a really tasty sandwich that is worth a try.

R&B Italian Beef Sandwich

Everything at R & B’s is worth a taste. I should know, I have tried almost everything on it. So, Chicago in San Antonio…is it possible? Sure it is. R & B’s Taste of Chicago can take you there.


Image credits: (top image) Jake Danklefs, (bottom images) Bryan Gonzalez


Alamo Heights

1308 Austin Hwy. #250
San Antonio, TX 78209

Northwest Side

8002 Callaghan Rd. #104
San Antonio, TX 78230

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