The Skies Revolt: from punk to indie pop rock

The Skies Revolt 03

Over the years, the Skies Revolt has made a few changes here and there, but the final result is the transformation from a punk band to indie pop rock.

But even the addition of a synthesizer and new band members has yet to completely change the band. Their live shows are proof of that, as their punk roots spew out during performances.

“We still play live like it’s heavy, you know,” guitarist David Bowell said. “We’re throwing stuff around and jumping and spitting on each other. If you watch one of our shows with no audio, you might think we were like a noisecore band or something.”

Though the band started playing punk, the direction they were headed wasn’t always clear. It was more of trial and error, front man David Prindle said.

The band spent a month in the studio experimenting with effects, guitar sounds, and different gang vocals.

“It was really fun to just really kind of branch out, and nothing was shut down immediately,” Bowell said.

The final result was the 12-track album, “Some Kind of Cosmonaut.”

“We wanted to make songs that you could sing along to and have a nostalgic feel,” Prindle said. “[We were] trying to write catchy stuff, trying to be heavy without just yelling and screaming.”

Their songs are catchier and a blast to watch live. While the band has lost the fans that preferred their heavier sound, the new sound has attracted different kinds of fans and given old fans something new.

“I would also think like that over the years as we grew, [fans] grew as well,” Bowell said. “As our style and taste in music changed…hopefully theirs did as well, because I mean really there is a nice natural progression in all the albums.”

And change with the help of a tweet proved to be a success.

The Skies Revolt was one of the lucky few to be selected to participate in the Making Moves project, Motion City Soundtrack’s series of seven-inch single releases by up-and-coming bands. Each member of Motion City Soundtrack had to choose a band they wanted to produce, and Joshua Cain turned to the Twittersphere to find one.

After asking people to tweet in their favorite bands, The Skies Revolt was soon in the studio playing with new effects and pedals like children in a candy store. A first for the band.

“It was cool to see how they approached music and how they think about music and how they do their music,” Bowell said. “They’re a successful band… and just kind of live the dream.”

Though the different recording process was a new experience, the real challenge was quickly creating new material for the project. The band had just released “Some Kind of Cosmonaut” when they were contacted and were fresh out of ideas.

Revamping old songs was not an option and “that’s when it got serious,” Bowell said.

In just three weeks, the band had created new, unreleased material that was a “nice, natural progression from ‘Some Kind of Cosmonaut,’” Bowell said.

“You can see where we were going in our full-length, into the seven-inch, and hopefully when we release our next EP, people will be like, ‘I get it’,” Bowell said.


Image credit: Stephanie Meza

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