Anime Pick: “Say I love you”

Anime: Say I Love You

If you ever wanted to start watching anime but never have the time, Say I love you is a great start. Especially because it is only a single season in length. This is a romantic anime filled with great characters, a great storyline, and will leave you wanting more. The story will appeal not only to those who enjoy sappy stories, but to anyone who has gone through any relationship issue, whether it be love or friendship.

Say I love you is about Mei, a teenage girl who has disconnected herself from reality due to a loss of hope in humanity. We really don’t know why she lost her faith, but it is hinted that she was bullied by her past friends.

Everyone was mean to each other and they lied for their own benefit…she didn’t want to be a part of that. Mei is a character that you instantly fall in love with. She has a strong character and is not swayed by others in the least bit. Mei has not so much as spoken to anyone for years and had remained unnoticed by everyone until she met Yamato.

Yamato is the most popular guy in school (surprise, surprise…) but although it is a cliché it is easily forgivable due to his very lovable character traits. He is caring, outspoken, and persistant. He must be in order to fall for Mei who doesn’t acknowledge his existence for awhile. He has to go above and beyond just to get noticed and it is very nice to see that. Therefore the story begins, the anime revolves around Yamato opening Mei’s eyes to the good in people.

The love story between Mei and Yamato is what drives the whole anime. It is very enduring and fulling to watch a hermit like Mei fall in love with an outspoken and caring Yamato. You will be rooting for their love to grow stronger, episode after episode. As their love grows, Mei begins to open up and gain a new outlook on life.

Of course there are several obstacles in the way: the most popular girl’s obsession with Yamato, different friend circles, and Mei herself. At times you may be screaming at your laptop at Mei, wanting her to open up to Yamato faster than she does.

In the end, the characters will become part of your heart. Their issues–jealousy, deception, heartbreak–are all things that we have faced ourselves.

Say I Love You is free to watch on hulu.

–Sonia Melendez

Image credit: Kanae Huzuki (art & story for Say I Love You manga)


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