Austin summer destinations

Austin summer destinations

What makes Austin the ideal summer destination? It could be the clean and clear blue lakes, the delicious restaurants, or the diverse live music that seems to ricochet off of the city’s art covered walls. It could be Austin’s people, known to be eccentric, free-spirited liberals and fun loving hippies. Austinites in general seem to have an easy going perspective on life in the summer time.

The heat is sweltering, the music is loud, and Sixth Street is still “dirty” as can be. Barton Springs, the city’s three-acre swimming pool fed by underground spring water, is filled with swimsuit clad men and women. The water freezes you momentarily (an average of 68 degrees year round), yet soon after becomes a cool oasis built for relaxation and recharging of the senses.

Students at the University of Texas at Austin have plenty to explore during the summer. Jeff, a history senior at UT, can’t get enough of Blues on the Green, Hamilton Pool, and the Green Belt. When it comes to Austin’s night life, he gravitates more towards the less hectic side of town. “I prefer to be off Rainey St. than dirty sixth, it’s a more mature atmosphere and a bit more chill and laid back. Sixth is too intense sometimes, I would rather be in a bar drinking than club hopping.”

Austin can be wild and crazy, yet relaxing and Zen all at the same time. The day time is full of cyclists and joggers, people walking their dogs, and window shopping with their friends. Yet when the sun goes down and the moon comes out, countless people, young and old, flock to the streets to enjoy the night life and let their hair down. If you are planning a night out in the city, do not be freaked out if you see something that, to you, might seem “strange.” The people of Austin revel in their odd nature and well known “weird” culture–the unapologetic nature being a signature staple of the state capital. An oasis of liberal tendencies surrounded by otherwise conservative areas.

Brittany, an Events Manager at UT Austin, seemed to explain it best. “The great thing about Austin is that nothing surprises me. Any rally, any festival, any strange costume, I’m never surprised. You can look forward to anything.”

by Sonia Singh

photo by Elizabeth Blancas


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