Justin Nozuka to Release New Single “Right By You”

justin single

It only took one song–no, not even a whole song–for me to realize I had stumbled upon something different. A powerful melancholic voice accompanied by a mere acoustic guitar. Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Nozuka needed nothing else.

After months of having a friend insist that I listen to  Justin Nozuka, I finally gave him a chance. Thanks to the YouTube video I watched,  I found myself talking to him at his concert at Antone’s that same day. I felt like his gaze pierced right through my soul. The intensity of his stare hypnotized me just as much as his passionate voice had.

His voice. His lyrics. Perfection.

From lighthearted love lyrics to tackling difficult themes like death and domestic abuse, Nozuka sings from the heart.

Nozuka’s third full-length album, “Ulysees,” will be released this year and comes four years after his last album “You I Wind Land and Sea.” Until then,  his new single will have to hold fans over. The single “Right by You” will be available Feb. 11.

Since his debut in 2007, Nozuka has toured around the world, including Austin. He will be touring in Europe this April starting off in Amsterdam and finishing up in Berlin.

Below is the song that started it all for me. A sad but powerful song:

–Elizabeth Blancas


2 responses to “Justin Nozuka to Release New Single “Right By You”

  1. Fell in love with him and his voice when i first heard him in 2006. He has captivated me since! That voice is amazing, he sings with so much soul. He belts out Otis Redding Sam Cooke, & Marvin Gaye like he wrote the music himself!

  2. Oh my goodness, I know what you mean. And he’s so humble and down to earth when you meet him. Truly an inspiring musician. He’s amazing!

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