Crying Nut US Tour 2014 Underway

Crying Nut 2013 - 4

South Korean rock band Crying Nut, known for their wild live performances and high energy on stage, is currently touring the US with Austin as their first stop. They’re part of the K-Pop Night Out official SXSW showcase at Elysium on Tuesday, March 11.

Crying Nut paved their way onto the Korean independent music scene with their own style of rock music. Throughout the years, the band has experimented with their sound–influenced by reggae, ska, polka, heavy metal, and Celtic music–and their latest album is no different. The growth of Crying Nut’s style of punk rock music is apparent in their seventh album, “Flaming Nuts,” released July 2013.

Flaming Nuts Album Cover

The South Korean rock band, formed in 1993, is made up of members Yoonsik Park (Vocals/ Guitar), Kyungrok Han (Bass/Vocals), Sangmyun Lee (Guitar), Sanghyuk Lee (Drums), and Insoo Kim (Accordion/Keyboard).

The band’s 1998 debut album, “Speed Up Losers” sold an astonishing 100,000 copies and, to date, they’re one of Korea’s longest-running and best-selling indie bands. Crying Nut’s awards nominations include ‘Korean Artist of the Year’ at the MTV Asia Music Awards in 2000 as well as ‘Musician of the Year,’ ‘Best Rock Album,’ and ‘Best Rock Song’ at the Korean Music Awards in 2007. They’ve also played international festivals such as Pusan International Rock Festival (Korea), Fuji Rock Festival (Japan), Music Matters Live (Singapore), and CMW Canadian Music Week (Canada).

The Crying Nut US tour has multiple Texas dates and ends in Los Angeles. Be sure to check them out at any of the dates below:

Crying Nut Tour Dates

March 11 Austin, TX @ (10:30 pm) Elysium (Official SXSW Showcase)

March 13 Austin, TX @ (5:15 pm) Spider House Cafe and Ballroom (The Texas Rock N Roll Massacre 2)

March 14 Austin, TX @ (4:30 pm) The Dog & Duck Pub (Exchange Entertainment presents)

March 15 Austin, TX @ (6 pm) Antone’s Records (Freddie Steady’s 14th Annual Frontier a Go Go Rock & Roll Hootenanny)

March 16 San Antonio, TX @ Limelight

March 18 Los Angeles, CA @ Cafe Nela

Check out the song Give Me The Money from their latest album Flaming Nuts

–Britany R.


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